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Reconsider Health Website Launch

Reconsider Health Website 2020 Launch

Hey ya World! This post marks the launch of Reconsider Health. For the moment I’m offering high quality CBD oil products from the very best UK suppliers.

As the website expands I’d love to try increase the range of CBD oil products. But also offer other powerful natural vitamin and supplement products to help harmonise your body.

My own health journey is ongoing. I continue to discover new products and methods to help heal and bring restful balance to my health and mental wellbeing. My own experience has and will profoundly continue to shape some of the products on offer.

Its important to me that I bring you products that are beneficial, but also work in harmony with the bodies natural rhythms, and don’t increase levels of pressure and toxicity within the body. All of us to some degree or another are dealing with certain levels of inflammation. It’s important to help reduce and mitigate these effects as much as possible. You and your body are amazing, I hope I can help to keep it that way.

But its official Reconsider Health is launched. Enjoy!

Love Simon 💖 💥 🙏

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